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3 Tips to Design Your Engagement Ring Using Black Gemstones

Engagement Ring
An engagement ring made with mysterious and sultry black gemstones is a stunning jewelry piece that everyone will notice. Black gemstones represent resilience, prosperity, and fidelity — all of which are desirable traits for any romantic union.
Use black gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for a bride or groom. Here are three design tips to create the black engagement ring of your dreams.
1. Investigate the Range of Possibilities
You have a surprising number of black gemstones from which to choose your engagement stones. Whether you want sheen and shimmer or dark and deep, a black stone offers the luster and look you desire.
Jewelers can cut black stones into multi-faceted gems or leave the stone natural. Set your black engagement ring in a large, old-fashioned oval or a dainty teardrop surrounded by smaller gems.
Some black stone choices include:
  • Black diamond
  • Agate
  • Hematite
  • Jasper
  • Black sapphire
  • Black tourmaline
  • Black opal
  • Black moissanite
Two other types of black stones are onyx and jet.
People have used onyx as a black-hued gemstone since ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times. People carved and fashioned the stone into jewelry and cameos. The cameo artists took advantage of onyx and formed heavy layers of white stone behind black or red stone layers.
Use lightly streaked onyx of black, white, or gray for a natural-looking onyx engagement ring. If you want the solid black look of pure black onyx, you'll have to seek out these rare stones. Most all-black onyx available today is artificially died to create an un-streaked look.
The term jet black originated from the stone called jet. The material is similar to coal, but jet forms underwater rather than in coal seams. The primary source of jet is along the eastern coast of Scotland and England.
Artists and others began creating goods out of jet in the Stone Age. Jet isn't as friable as coal, so it won't break up in layers. For this reason, jet is a great black gemstone choice when you want a carved engagement stone.
2. Personalize With Custom Color Coordination
A black stone on its own makes an elegant statement. Black jewelry is appropriate for the office, a formal event, or a concert in town.
When you want something a little flashier, use stones of coordinating colors to offset the deep black main stone in your engagement ring. A black oval surrounded by diamonds makes a lovely black and white engagement ring.
Pink and black are a great combination for an engagement ring. Use a pink tourmaline, sapphire, or spinel to offset a black engagement stone.
If black is a school color for your beloved, create a ring using stones from their alma mater colors. For example, black, purple, and white stones are a stunning combination and have more meaning when your engaged partner is devoted to his or her school.
3. Use Black in a Sculpted Precious Metal Setting
Black stones adapt well to any type of metal jewelry setting. Whether you choose platinum, gold, or rose gold for your engagement and wedding rings, black stones contrast beautifully with the bright metal.
If your partner is a gamer, fantasy reader, or lover of cosplay, design a ring using metal as a decorative accent on your engagement ring. Use your choice of precious metals to order a favorite fictional character ring using black stones.
A sculpted or engraved ring can include favorite quotations, fantasy creatures, or special dates. Feel free to customize your black-stoned ring to give a personalized, cherished ring to your soon-to-be spouse.
Order the custom black engagement ring you want by contacting Marla's Gem Creations today. We've created stunning custom engagement rings for Houston, Texas, couples for over 37 years.


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