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Bejeweled and Beautiful Gifts for Your Wedding Party

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You appreciate the people who have helped you prepare for and execute your big wedding day. And you love the people who were invited to share in it as your bridal party. One of the best ways to show them your feelings is to give a beautiful gift they'll love and use for years to come.
But what should you give to express your appreciation? Here are a few beautiful, bejeweled ideas.
Wedding Jewelry
You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by gifting your bridesmaids or attendants with something to wear for the ceremony itself. This gift also gives you the chance to control what jewelry is worn, how it looks with the dresses you've chosen, and how coordinated your bridesmaids are.
You have a number of options for wedding jewelry for all budgets and styles. These include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. If you want to venture a little further out into the unusual, consider getting your bridal party special anklets or jeweled brooches. 
Special Flasks
Flasks are a popular groomsmen gift, but you should consider taking it up a notch. This traditional - and slightly naughty - gift for male attendants is both fun and useful. But it becomes a more wedding-appropriate gift if you take the time to customize it. Engraved flasks are fun and simple. Jeweled flasks are even more unique, and they create a stunning keepsake. 
Jeweled and sparkling flasks come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. You can personalize them to your wedding party, including glittered flasks, initialed flasks, and even flasks that can be worn as secret bangles on the wrists of fun-loving attendants. 
Engraved Items
Engraving a piece of jewelry is the perfect way to give something that people can wear again while still making it personalized to your wedding. The good news for individuals seeking the perfect gift is that you can engrave just about anything from bracelets and rings to flasks and money clasps.
Easy and inexpensive engraving includes just a few personal details like the bridal couple's name and the date of the wedding. Or you can make it more personal by adding a few words of your own thanking the person for participating in your big day. 
Jeweled Hair Pieces
Like bridesmaid jewelry, jeweled hair pieces provide something beautiful for the big day and make excellent gifts that can be worn elsewhere. Ornamental hair combs or bands are a little less formal than a full tiara, but they match the bride's tiara or headpiece very well.
Look for a hair accessory that your bridesmaids can wear again - perhaps one that can be separated into a comb or that is also simple enough to wear with a regular evening dress. 
Men's Jewelry
When planning wedding-related jewelry gifts, few people include the groomsmen. But there are a variety of male jewelry gifts that many men would love to receive.
Cuff links are a good choice. Cuff links are gaining in popularity as younger men rediscover the joy of dressing more traditionally. Look for cuff links that can be worn to the ceremony, perhaps carrying a gem that matches the wedding color. You can also gift things like tie tacks, sparkly buttonhole flowers, or lapel pins with engraving or gems. 
No matter what jeweled pieces fit your bridal party best, they'll undoubtedly love and cherish your wedding day gifts. For more ideas about custom jewelry tailored to your taste, talk to our team of experienced jewelry design experts at Marla's Gem Creations today. We can help you design the perfect accessory for your loved ones.


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