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Custom Jewelry Designs That Express Your Individuality


Jewelry has been a universal form of adornment since prehistoric times. Ancient cultures created and wore jewelry made of precious metals, gemstones, shells, bones, and wood that they believed had metaphysical properties and powers.

Jewelry trends today include multiple gemstones, multilayered jewelry components, and asymmetry. People continue to collect and wear jewelry today and also use jewelry as a means of artistic self-expression.

To find unique jewelry designs to express your individuality, find a jewelry company that creates custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Here are some of the contemporary jewelry designs that you can have created to allow you to express yourself through your jewelry.

Name Pendant

One way to express your individuality through your jewelry is to have your name made into a custom pendant. Contemporary name pendants are made of precious metals with or without gemstones and can hang horizontally or vertically.

Inscribed Name Pendant

Have your jeweler inscribe your name on a precious metal band, circle, square, heart, or another shape. This inscription can be made in the typeface of your choice in block letters or script.

To add color to an inscribed name pendant, have the inscription filled with transparent or opaque enamel or crushed gemstones and resin.

Shaped Name Pendant

Another way to have your name made into a pendant is to have your jeweler set the letters of your name close together and cut them out of a piece of precious metal.

For color and texture, you can embellish the pendant with channel-set or bezel-set gemstones on the top or sides of the pendant.

Birthdate or Birthplace Pendant or Ring

To commemorate your birthdate or the place where you were born, have this information inscribed on a piece of precious metal and made into a pendant or a band ring.

To create interest and a little mystery, you can have your birthdate written in Roman numerals and your birthplace written in latitude and longitude degrees.

Birthstone Pendant

Many ancient legends and myths abound about the powers of gemstones. To tap into these historical powers, have a pendant made with your birthstone that is traditionally associated with the month that you were born.

A birthstone pendant can be made in a solitaire or multi-stone design.

Solitaire Birthstone Pendant

To create a solitaire pendant, ask your jeweler to set your birthstone in prongs or a bezel with a jewelry bail at the top of the pendant. You can accent a solitaire birthstone pendant with small diamonds or other gemstones on the top or sides of the solitaire.

Multi-Stone Birthstone Pendant

For a multi-stone birthstone pendant, have your birthstone set on a flat metal circle, square, heart, cross, or shield shape. You can also have the birthstones of your mate, children, siblings, parents, or friends surrounding it.

Photographic Image Pendant

For a very personal custom pendant, have a photograph of you and your family etched into a pendant. This etching will result in a black and white rendition of the photo image.

Engrave the opposite side of the photographic image with a name, date, or a few meaningful words.

Gemstone Bead Necklace

To make a custom beaded necklace, use round beads made from your birthstone as well as the birthstones of your family members. Alternate the beads in a repeating pattern to create the length that you want.

If you want to vary the length of the necklace, use a chain in the back of the necklace so that you can attach the clasp in various places.

To have custom jewelry designs created just for you, visit Marla's Gem Creations. Our jewelers will work with you to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that no one else has.


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