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Marla at Marla's Gems in Houston

Mother Daughter Duo - Marla and Miranda

Meet Marla who started her jewelry career while she was a flight attendant with Texas International way back in 1980. When she wasn’t traveling all over the country for her job with Texas International, she nourished her budding jewelry career by making all her connections in Houston. When Marla's oldest daughter, Miranda, was born, Marla decided to retire her wings for a full-time business in the jewelery industry and opened an office at 6222 Richmond, Texas. This company is still here today.
Miranda loves the business and grew up following her mother's footsteps-- first by working as a flight attendant out of college for four plus years-- and again by assisting in the family jewelry business for the past two years and counting. Miranda recently completed her GIA certificate, getting the Accredited Jewelry Professional diploma.
Marla's Gem Creations shines apart from other jewelry stores through the close relationship Marla and Miranda share, to their knowledge of what jewelry and options are the absolute best for each specific customer. We pride ourselves in having the utmost in customer service-- making sure every customer walks home satisfied with their purchase. We offer a variety of services in repairs, cleaning, and designing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings. Our products feature the best in precious metals and impeccable stones. You'll never find another store with jewelers more devoted to their customers than at Marla's Gem Creations!