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Custom Jewelry Designer in Houston, Texas

We believe that jewelry should be just as unique as you are. With custom designed jewelry you can make a personal statement that mass produced jewelry just can't make. Our custom experience begins with you and a professional design consultant who can walk you through various designs to ensure you get the best piece of jewelry designed just for you. Our Custom Experience includes:

Custom Jewelry Consultation with an Expert

Our dedicated design consultants help you to narrow down the details by weighing all possible options. We guide you through every detail to create the perfect custom jewelry piece.

Personalized Design by an Artist

Our expert artists take your ideas and being working on the perfect design. We then enhance every detail until you decide that it's exactly what you envisioned.

Custom Design Comes to Life

As the jewelry is created and perfected, you are kept in the loop and get to see your custom designed jewelry come to life. This is an experience like no other

Crafted by Highly Skilled Jewelers

This is really what seperates Marla's Gems from anyone else. We know the jewelry business and only work with the best in the industry. You can trust our experience to deliver the perfect design.

Custom Jewelry in Houston