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Wholesale Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas

Wholesale Jewelry
Our store sells diamonds and jewelry at wholesale pricing because we buy loose stones in bulk and have them as part of our inventory. When a customer comes to our store, they can then custom-design their dream ring using on of our diamonds - or pick a ring we have already made in our inventory. Retailers tend to buy their diamonds from other wholesales and make the rings to be bought as is (some prefer this for the convenience of walking out with the ring and we offer that option as well). Also, if their is a diamond the customer is looking for that we don't happen to have in stock, we have mutiple vendors all over the country (and even the world), that could have that diamond in their inventory adn ship it to us the next day. If the customer decides to custom-make their engagement or wedding ring and they have picked out the diamonds, they would be able to pick up the finished product a week later.